Dreaming of the skies, praying as high as the sky

“DREAM is key for us to conquer THE WORLD”

(Giring  Nidji)

Perhaps the song Nidji above, it is not wrong but it is appropriate for village people like me. It is not know themselves, not rude, not too resigned to the situation. Because all it started from a dream. Schools in primary schools in the interior Bogor, is the start of proving that dream. There was no kindergarten, early childhood education or the like is the beginning of a gloomy basic education in these remote areas. However, if we give up the state? Of course not, because we are educated to not give in to circumstances. The days passed with a lot of playing, studying, while trade ice mambo, to wash dishes fried mush handyman neighbor, is the beginning of the struggle of the dream. Give up? Of course not, because there are many limitations that gave birth to creative ideas to not stand idly waving a dream or just sit on my hands until it comes into its own miracle, of course it is not possible.

Had failed to enter junior high, because the value of the test is less a few numbers coma, does not matter. The days must be traversed by foot, took a ride sand car or car nebeng fabric is a picture of the difficult transportation to school. With allowance perfunctory, the spirit just does not improvise because they expect a bright future. When becoming its own grief, when heavy rainfall, while others picked up the parents, I had to walk across the Causeway paddy fields to the accompaniment of thunder. This situation lasted until high school. High School is the best moment for all young people, he said. Best if all the facilities are well fulfilled, of the vehicle, les, pocket money until the holiday previlege nature. Not a real excuse, because the determination must be circular. This time there was no public transportation that can be driven to school. Because of the existing special schools into the house, even though twice to ride public transportation, then must pass Causeway rice has always been a silent witness to the realization of a dream.

Still give the state? Of course not, the reward is reunited with those with a competitive spirit so that it can continue to realize the dream to go to college. This achievement is very high it looks like a dream, until graduating from high school in the district favorite Bogor.

Why so high? Why is the highest achievement? He just graduated from doctoral, not a doctor, but Sekolaj Elementary third grade and Ummi, just graduated from bachelor degrees, not scholars but only finished primary school.

Thankful yes, to live better, obligatory, because the little guy if his dream is still small, it does not change. Learning to dream big, dream of the skies, praying as high as the sky. Fortunate and grateful and patient, is the right combination. As it turns out God so unfair to be any desire His creatures then with sincerity plus prayers of parents is a potent formula to realize the impossible dream, because many slur, insult, because the dream is too high, but not unrealistic in the circumstances. Never ignore all that mencacimu, make motivation, excess energy and prayers to continue to be good. Dream high ground, is the dream of most of the villagers who only live in remote areas, a hope for a better life.

Lucky, because prayer when the rain and crossed the vast rice fields then the lights go out, so the shoes and pants must be removed materialize. Lectures, ahh it was just a dream in fact, does not exist in the dictionary of the village like me, call it the ungrateful, the skinny stubborn or stupid. Lucky, have parents who pray for their children, are lucky to have friends who are competitive, lucky with the environment always adjust, lucky with all the beautiful plans. Although the goal of becoming a pilot, informatics engineer or a chemical engineer aground along with being a university graduate economics of the country, now even become a student again in the best economic universities in Indonesia, this a dream?  Starting from Cileungsi- Bogor, then to the provincial capital of Bandung, thereafter to the country’s capital Jakarta later dreamed it could be a reliable economists in other parts of the world the city is now spoken prayer. Why? Because Jakarta is a potential gateway to get there, a lot of cool people dream start of Jakarta.

Want to raise the dignity and degrees of parents, raising the pilgrimage to the holy land. It was a simple ideals.
Because the dream dynamic, hopefully achieving the dream continues in line with the dynamics of today’s world.

Do not ever stop learning wherever we feel, although we could win just quit school. Never stop dreaming, because it is a dream that high benchmark our lives. Never stop praying. Because God only wants us to earnestly pray. Never stop doing good, for in doing good to others is to do good for ourselves. Never stop to keep moving, until our breath lifted and we lay helpless because this is the end of our life journey.

Europe, how are you?

How’s Erasmus University, Cambridge, London School of Economics?

America, wait Me. Harvard is still shady, Berkeley still cool?


Face it
“Jer Basuki mawa Beya”

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